Monday, November 16, 2009

Yes ladies they do still exist...

Yes ladies they do still exist……

So standing out in front of my home, I’m just mingling with the neighbors (the locals) I’ll call them. Misha and I are just shooting the shit about the day’s events…. Which were pretty uneventful if I do say so myself. Ralph (the male chauvinistic pig) walks up and says. “Look at all the people who don’t work around here”. I look and him and say “Well Misha works and Morgan works and I cleaned the house and go the dinner ready, and that is work”. He looks at me and says “what you call that work, you should cook and clean if you are staying at someone’s place that is what the women are supposed to do”.

Come on now are you kidding me? Where is this man from Mars? He walks behind me and forces me to throw a back kick at the pig which just missed his face….. How pleased am I now? Yes I lowered myself and enjoyed every frigging minute of it. I ask him what the hell he is talking about considering there are three woman and one man (not him I may add) sitting on the porch listening to this.

Yes I am on unemployment and trust me I have worked enough years to have deserved to take back my contribution. Unfortunately the I.Q of MIsha isn’t higher than the amount of fingers she possesses and she laughs at him. Yes this is why pigs like him think the way they do…. Laugh and think he’s cute when he talks like that. As for Morgan she is young and probably thinks it’s better to just sit there quietly then to disrespect him. Well that’s more than I can say for him.

This street is full of losers like him who think that woman are below him. At that moment I felt like I stepped back from our time to a time where woman were nowhere near equal to men. This is the same guy who drives a school bus, you know a job that seems to be more for the elderly or young mothers than big middle aged tough guys like him.

I personally don’t feel that way but he is most certainly the type who would. I’m sure there will be more stories of “The male chauvinistic pig” I hope you enjoy them. He amuses me in so many ways, I’m not sure if it’s because I know he feeling inadequate somewhere deep within himself or just because I know how much I aggravate him.
Guaranteed more to come from him sometime soon…..


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